● The SAT Subject Tests® are subject-specific standardized high-school level tests which test your capacity in five broad disciplines:

– English literature

– Math

– Science

– History

– Languages.

● There are 20 subject tests in total, all of which are in the Multiple- Choice-Questions format, which can be chosen by the student to appear for in addition to the SAT® general examination.

● The SAT Subject tests® are a great way to show off your proficiency and dedication to your desired field, and also serve as official or unofficial prerequisites for admissions into some high

ranking universities. 

● Kindly note that you cannot appear for the SAT subject test on the same day as the SAT® 

● Wrong answers are penalized by deducting 1/4th of a point for each incorrect answer. general examination



Total Classes: 15 (1.5 Hrs / Class)
Booster Sessions: 03 (Before Actual Test)
No. of Simulated Tests: 06
Frequency of Classes: 02 per Week
Course Material: 01 (Math Level 1 & 2 / Physics / Chemistry)
A. Complete SAT Subject TestTM Preparation (please refer the SAT Subject TestTM  menu) B. Complete Admission Counseling Services PROFILE ASSESMENT & ENHANCEMENT: Includes guidance on: Program selection Extracurricular and Leadership Activities Standardized Test Planning CV, SOP’s and LOR’s requirements Cultural Readiness UNIVERSITY SHORTLISTING: The counsellor will study the students’ profile in detail regarding academic scores, standardized test scores, extracurricular and personal activities and special talents / accomplishments. Based on student’s profile assessment, the counsellor will provide student a shortlist comprising 10-12 Universities**. Out of those, the student needs to select 5 universities for which dedicated admission service will be provided. ** The Universities will be categorized as: Dream (less than 50% chances of obtaining admission Reach (50 – 80% chances of obtaining admission) Safe (more than 80% chances of obtaining admission) EDITING: Once the universities are finalized, an editor will be assigned to help student on editing of application documents comprising Essays, Resume, Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Letters of Recommendation (LOR) to put across the student’s profile to the AdComs (Admission Committees) in the best possible manner. The editing process includes 4 phases: Brainstorming: Extensive discussion to understand student’s profile. Guidance provided to create initial drafts. Critiquing: Comments are provided to ensure that right content is available for a draft Editing: Structure, tone and grammar of the content is worked upon Finalization: Drafts are finally proofread before student uses them for the application APPLICATION ASSISTANCE: The following services will be provided to the students: Application links and deadlines for the finalized universities are emailed to students. Application Review (for online applications student need to fill the application and provide us their Application ID and Password). INTERVIEW PREPARATION: Top Universities usually have an interview round, in which case the counselor will help prepare the student. FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Helping student in applying for an education loan with HDFCCredila and Avanse VISA COUNSELLING: This will include guiding the student on the following: Visa Application Assistance Financial and VISA Documentation for the interview VISA interview preparation through rounds of mock interview

A. Complete SAT Subject TestTM Preparation (please refer the SAT Subject TestTM  menu)

B. Complete IELTSTM / TOEFL® Test Preparation (pls refer IELTSTM / TOEFL® Test Preparation menu)

C. Complete Admission Counseling Services (pls refer Admission Counselling Services Menu above) 

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